Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tin or Aluminium????

Well the 10th anniversary came.....

Our day started out with gifts of clothes and lingerie....a nice card , then off to work.  We knocked off at lunch time to do some jobs together around town.....but then......

I'm still deciding --- does it count as aluminium??? (10 year anniversary emblem)

That's right - A brand new 2012 Toyota Hilux SR5!  We jumped straight into it and took it for the weekend to Hobart.
Staying in some apartments on the dock (Zero Davey) we arrived after a rainy trip surprised at how "unstressed" the driver was after what would be considered shocking driving conditions. But we were happy with it .... and still are!

Saturday morning we went out to ZooDoo to check out the wildlife.  I had a one on one encounter with a lion cub .... I expected it to be a cute little lion cub - just like a new little kitten.  Not so ---- a 9 month old 70kg fiesty and energetic fluffy pussy!  More like a .... LION!  After 20 minutes with it, I was had it ---- more adrenaline pulsing that that in a pig shoot!  There was NO way I was going to be laying down with this thing that could jump higher than me, was hyperactive....and had the capacity to eat me.  Especially after the two chomps I come out with!  Yep sure it was fun --- would I do it again!  Perhaps not.....I would if it was 7 weeks old, but not 7 months!   Both my hands were bitten (enough for me to yelp), my thigh was bitten once - enough to create a bruise and cut/now scab.  And - just for the record - my hands have itched NON stop.  Fleas, rabies, reaction - i dunno .... and I won't be having a tetanus needle just in case.....i'll take the risk! 

(sorry you'll need to turn your head on the side for this one - provided photos from the zoo are read only copy).  Headed back to the motel, where I feel asleep and woke to be given 10 long stemmed dark red roses!

Saturday evening Brielle went to Clints sisters for the night.  He had organised an hour tour in a limo through Hobart which was pretty good - would've been better if the roads weren't so windy, and my stomach so weak!  The limo then dropped us off at the Drunken Admiral Seafood Restaurant where we ate and drank lots.  Then we wandered (shivered) on back to the apartments about 100m away! 

Red lingerie, Red roses, Red teeth marks, a Red car, red cocktails......10 YEARS MEANS RED NOT ALUMINIUM!!!

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