Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tin or Aluminium????

Well the 10th anniversary came.....

Our day started out with gifts of clothes and lingerie....a nice card , then off to work.  We knocked off at lunch time to do some jobs together around town.....but then......

I'm still deciding --- does it count as aluminium??? (10 year anniversary emblem)

That's right - A brand new 2012 Toyota Hilux SR5!  We jumped straight into it and took it for the weekend to Hobart.
Staying in some apartments on the dock (Zero Davey) we arrived after a rainy trip surprised at how "unstressed" the driver was after what would be considered shocking driving conditions. But we were happy with it .... and still are!

Saturday morning we went out to ZooDoo to check out the wildlife.  I had a one on one encounter with a lion cub .... I expected it to be a cute little lion cub - just like a new little kitten.  Not so ---- a 9 month old 70kg fiesty and energetic fluffy pussy!  More like a .... LION!  After 20 minutes with it, I was had it ---- more adrenaline pulsing that that in a pig shoot!  There was NO way I was going to be laying down with this thing that could jump higher than me, was hyperactive....and had the capacity to eat me.  Especially after the two chomps I come out with!  Yep sure it was fun --- would I do it again!  Perhaps not.....I would if it was 7 weeks old, but not 7 months!   Both my hands were bitten (enough for me to yelp), my thigh was bitten once - enough to create a bruise and cut/now scab.  And - just for the record - my hands have itched NON stop.  Fleas, rabies, reaction - i dunno .... and I won't be having a tetanus needle just in case.....i'll take the risk! 

(sorry you'll need to turn your head on the side for this one - provided photos from the zoo are read only copy).  Headed back to the motel, where I feel asleep and woke to be given 10 long stemmed dark red roses!

Saturday evening Brielle went to Clints sisters for the night.  He had organised an hour tour in a limo through Hobart which was pretty good - would've been better if the roads weren't so windy, and my stomach so weak!  The limo then dropped us off at the Drunken Admiral Seafood Restaurant where we ate and drank lots.  Then we wandered (shivered) on back to the apartments about 100m away! 

Red lingerie, Red roses, Red teeth marks, a Red car, red cocktails......10 YEARS MEANS RED NOT ALUMINIUM!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 2012

It's now may 24 2012, one day before my 10th wedding anniversary! Time sure does fly, even though at times it feels like its dragging on. Things that you hang out for take aaagggeeessss to come and are gone before we now it! On the other hand, a minute of silence takes forever! Life is what we make it isn't it?! I am now working at Telstra, trying my hardest to hear someone say 'you changed my opinion of Telstra' and trying my hardest to get a thank you from customers...some is a never ending battle. But it is a rewarding job and the day I see it isn't a challenge, everyone in australia will be content with Telstra! So it's a long term plan for me, that I am happy to embark on every day! I work with an awesome team and a boss that's even better! Specializing in business clients which is awesome because I can see an idea of mine become the basis of their success. Our house renovations are finished but I'm saving up for a new kitchen with plans something else I have dreamt up. If you need an idea, let me know and I will sleep on it! Brielle is nearly 4 now and head covered with golden curls! She is cute but sometimes that saying 'there was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good she was very very good but when she was bad she was HORRID'....well that's pretty true! Especially lately with her attempt at cutting out her day sleep! Winter is on us again and we have the fire on. Lots of beds ad rooms for visitors so please consider the offer. Buying a new car tomorrow so that is rather exciting! The other things I have been doing in my spare time lately is the gym, sewing and craft and basically thinking up ideas for unique housy things! Til next time...I better pack for this weekend away in the big smoke of Hobart town!!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The times that I've felt like cake decorating.....

I enjoy it, but I need to devote SO much more time to learning the skill....

It's time that I got back into this.....

Sio, been ages since I've last written in my blogspot.....seems life has been extremely busy and every changing.  Since January, we had 1 month on holidays, and since then constant house renovations.  The renovations are nearly complete....just some wardrobe doors and the vinyl to go in.  Oh, and two timber mantel pieces on the top of our wood channels.  Brielle turned 3 in August....and she now says Ï'm 3, I'll soon be 5 and go to big school".  Seems that is the next stage of life in her eyes and she questions us every day at least twice, Can I go to big school now?

Anyway, so here is a few pictures of the house now.  I'll probably post a few other blogs with different craft projects too.  So, here's to the blogging habit.....sooooo much better than wasting time on facebook!

Actually.....I won't post any pics until its all completed and the house is ACTUALLY how its meant to be (instead of things everywhere). 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tassie's Try at Flooding...January 2011

I'm positive that QLD knows the feeling a lot better than we do, but during the start of the clean up of QLD floods, we received about 185ml's of rain over two days which in already wet soil was enough to cause some flooding.  Denzil (our neighbour) who has been on this farm (or his family have) for about 150 yrs have NEVER seen the creek like it.  A little creek which is normally perhaps 3m wide became about 50m wide.  They'd never seen it over the road.  He'd never had 100 bales of silage washed away and just disappear somewhere out to the middle of the Bass Strait.  Nor did he realise the cows could swim!  He had 4 cows, which had been watching the waters rise and we safely on dry ground who decided they would go for a swim into the rapids for about 10 minutes before turning around and going back!  Why not??  Humans do!!!
Anyway, here are some pics.  The creek would have to rise a good 5m more before it would come anywhere near the house, and there'd be house under on the other side of the creek before that happened!  So, no damage for us, just a few fences and a bit of a clean up.  And the water went as quickly as it came!  Up and down within a day!

Addictions....Gotta have em!

Well, I guess it's true!  If you're not addicted to one thing, then you're addicted to another!

Mine....well....they are varied....and I guess I've got four.  But these four are better to have than drugs, booze, and other common ones :)


Chooks!  Notice the rooster in the back of the pic (see prev blogs).  He's moved in well and WE"RE YET TO HEAR A CROW!  Talk about lucky (me that is).  I can imagine I wouldn'tve heard the end of his addition if he was good .. or bad??... at crowing.  You see, mum liked chooks.  She always wanted to have her own poultry farm!  I must've got a bit of that...I have them sit on my lap, lay eggs in my hand (and no i don't follow them round with my hand under their backside either) but I must confess, I have tried to fix a chook with haemorrhoids!  Anyway, I MUST like chooks!

#2 Addiction....
I Gotta have it!  The caffeine fix every morning.  Well, twice!  I have one here, then I get another on my way to work @ Playfish.  This cute little coffee shop in the back streets of Devonport.  With mismatched tables and chairs, retro canvas' on the walls, jazz music playing.  He remembers your name and your coffee....makes it JUST how you like it!  The same people in there every morning and we all join in conversation together.  They're just like family now!  If you've been here to visit us, I would've taken you on a coffee run there!  MMM coffee!
#3 & #4

Okay, Clints addiction is mowing....but him and that little curly top on his lap are mine!  From the scars on his belly and arms, to his (can i say this) monobrow, his crooked grin, right down to the wedding band on his finger!  He's #3.  And that little wee body....those little "mumma's" that are called from her bed each morning, to the grotty fingerprints she leaves on the windows from pointing out to the cows.....the scar under her little nose to being greeted (this afternoon) with a "bottle, snuggle, and cuddles on couch with mumma" instead of a hello.....well she's my #4! 

I could be addicted to anything in the world....but I think Í'll stick with these ones.  There's really only one that could get me in trouble....thats coffee....I'd drink it until my heart popped.....but then again, I love until my heart bursts....

As for the haemorrhoidal (if thats a word) chook......apparently, i'm not a vet! :)  I'm sure you can guess the rest without me painting the WHOLE picture!

Till next time....


Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Fresh" ideas from the kitchen....

Hawaiian Slushy

In a saucepan, dissolve 1 cup of castor sugar with 1 cup of water.  Bring to boil, and simmer for 5-10 minutes until a little bit "syrupy".  Allow to cool.
Pulverize 1 whole pineapple.  Mix in 1 cup of passionfruit pulp (can also use tinned) and 1 x 245g tin of cocunut milk.   Add in syrup.  Pour into a shallow dish with lid, and freeze.  When nearly frozen, using a fork, scrape up the slushy.  Refreeze.  Leave sit on bench for about 10 minutes before serving.  MMM!!

The results of an afternoon in the kitchen with a crate of apricots, and 10 granny smith apples.  Stewed some apricots for a apricot crumble (and froze some for through the year), madeabout 20 bottles apricot jam, and 4 large bottles of stewed apple for Brielle's breakfast.  Oh, and 1 days picking of strawberries made a pot of strawberry jam too....They're pretty good too!

Oh, and by the way - I needn'tve worried about clints reaction for the arrival of a rooster to our chookpen...but lets just say - I better not try it again too soon.....(see prev blog).